BGMI M13 Royal Pass Release Date Rewards and Leaks, Royal Pass Rewards from 01 to 50 - 2022

BGMI M13 Royal Pass Release Date Rewards and Leaks, Royal Pass Rewards from 01 to 50 - 2022,

Bgmi M13 Royal Pass

In BGMI, you'll need 360 UC to earn a "Elite Royale Pass" (Royal Pass), while you'll need 960 UC to get a "Elite Plus Royale Pass."

BGMI will reach the next royale pass in the following weeks. Players may presently purchase the M10 Royale pass. However, there are various flaws in the system that players should be aware of. Here you'll find out about all of the future in-game awards and events. So, Leaks, let's find out more about the upcoming BGMI M13 Royale Pass Rewards.

With the royale pass, Krafton surprises us with something new every month. As part of the new Royale pass, players will be able to try out a range of goodies. According to the leaks, the M13(Month 13) Royale pass will also offer additional gifts for the gamers. As usual, headgear would be available for 5RP. A new aircraft skin has been the subject of much debate.

BGMI M13 Royal Pass Leaks

Following are leaks going to appear in Bgmi M13 Royal Pass Update

  1. Leak Rp 01:Fruit Fist UZI skin
  2. Leak Rp 02: Ultimate Trendsetter Set
  3. Leak Rp 03: Pixel Bolt Backpack
  4. Leak Rp 04: Stomp Ground Emote
  5. Leak Rp 05: Parasuit Skin & Granade Skin
  6. Leak Rp 06:  Casual Stroll set

Here are various Bgmi M13 Royal Pass Leaks that will be released with the upcoming update.

According to several claims and leaks, players will be able to camp from a tree. There's a significant chance this functionality will also be offered in 'traditional mode.' However, no official confirmation from the community has yet been obtained.

There's a good chance that players will be able to camp in a tree or back in traditional mode, but these are minor flaws. Despite the fact that it is unformed, there is a chance. It is certain to appeal to campers. They will be able to spot opponents from the top of the tree. As a result, No Way Home mode has left its mark.

BGMI M13 Royal Pass Release Date

On the 18th of April 2022, at 5:30 a.m. Indian standard time, a brand new BGMI M13 Royal Pass will be released.

Android users will be able to utilise it. In order to obtain ranking in the upcoming season for greater intention, the player needs purchase the Royal Pass.

BGMI M13 Royal Pass Reward

So, below is list of Rewards going to come with this brand new Bgmi M13 royal pass.

  • Fruit Fist UZI skin
  • Ultimate Trendsetter Set
  • Pixel Bolt Backpack
  • Stomp Ground Emote
  • Parasuit Skin & Granade Skin
  • Casual Stroll set

Bgmi M13 Royal Pass Price

M13 Royal Pass has more fans than M13 Royal Pass since it is claimed to offer a lot of benefits for a reasonable price to gamers. According to leaked information, the Elite Royal Pass will cost 360 UC, while the Elite Royal Pass Plus will only cost 960 UC as of M1 RP.

Regardless of whether they purchase Elite Royal Pass or Elite Royal Pass Plus for free, players will receive an additional gift certificate worth 60 UC from Krafton. If you reach rank 30 this season, you will receive a 60 UC coupon, which you may use to purchase M13  or the next Royal Pass, which will be available on April 20, 2022.

If you purchase the BGMI M13 Elite Royal Pass and earn RP rank 47 or above, you will receive a ticket for 60 UC. The UC obtained may be used to purchase the BGMI Royal Pass in the future, as well as for crate opening.

Bgmi M13 1 to 50 Rp Rewards

Here below are all 1 to 50 RP rewards Leaks and 50 Rp Outfit.

Bgmi M13 Royal Pass 1st Rewards

So, guys this is New ouyfit going to come in this Bgmi M13 royal Pass.

Bgmi M13 RP 2nd Rewards

Above is gun skin going to come with this New Bgmi M13 rp,

Bgmi M13 RP 3rd Rewards 

Bgmi M13 RP 4th Rewards

Bgmi M13 RP 5th Rewards

Bgmi 50 Rp Outfit Rewards


So, Above image show Bgmi 50th Royal Pass Leaks.

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