Pubg / Bgmi 2.1 Magic Bullet Config File for 32bit and 64bit Download - 2022

Pubg & Bgmi 2.1 Magic Bullet Config File for 32bit and 64bit Download - 2022, Bgmi 2.1 Magic Bullet Config File, Pubg 2.1 Magic Bullet Config File

Bgmi and Pubg 2.1 Magic Bullet Config File

Hii! Guys, If you are finding the config file of Magic bullet then you are in the right place. Today in this post I am going to share your information about Bgmi 2.1 magic bullet config file and is working 100% for all types of devices like 32bit and 64bit work properly. It's true you will get a perfect answer and solution.

Pubg / Bgmi 2.1 Magic Bullet Config File for 32bit and 64bit

If you will find this type of Bgmi 2.1 magic bullet config file on youtube and google then they will provide you a fake config file, which doesn't work and is harmful to your Bgmi and Pubg I'd. Because of this, you can lose your main Bgmi I'd and which make you disappoint. 

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Pubg and Bgmi Magic bullet and Auto headshot config file 32bit and 64bit

Here, in this magic bullet config file you will find bullet tracking and auto headshot aimbot which make it easier to kill any enemy. This config file is fully optimized and can work in all types of devices like 32bit and 64-bit config files. 

This file provides an effective and 100% working updated config file, which makes your gameplay fast and pro-like. You can too be a pro player like pubg great players such as Jonathan, Scout, Mortal, and, etc. You can get "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" easily because now you are also a pro player like others.

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Bgmi Magic Bullet Config/Zip File Contains

Following are files contained in this bgmi 2.1 magic bullet config file:
  1. Magic Bullet
  2. High Damage
  3. Auto Headset
  4. Fast Moment
  5. Less Recoil
  6. Aimbot
In this article, you will get all these types of files contained in one Combination file which is very useful. This specific Pubg and Bgmi 2.1 Magic Bullet config file record has become ready to install and put to use will improve your games and act as a lag-free device and ultra soft. But let me recommend getting more plus more practice to get more best lawn movers of a game without using any config record and any sort of Hackers.

Bgmi 2.1 Magic bullet config file is fully updated and working in all device such as 32bit and 64bit device.  It will make your gaming experience to next level and increase your aim accuracy and headshot percent. It will increase 100% of you aim to enemies body and to head.

Features of Bgmi 2.1 Magic bullet config file

Below are special features provided by this Bgmi 2.1 Magic bullet config file.
  • Magic Bullet tracking100% working
  • Powerful Mod data used and is updated
  • 100% safe for any Main Id
  • High Damage up to 80% Increase
  • Anti Reset Assist file updated
  • Aim Tracking Head
  • Kill Classic BulletTracking to only headshot
  • Auto Headshot 100%
  • Fully optimized and lag-free

Downloading and Installing Process of Bgmi Magic Bullet Config file

So, Following below are step-by-step processes to download and install the config file.
  1. First, you need to download this config file given below.
  2. After you download this file you need to Extract this file by Z-archiver.
  3. Then open the file and copy the file name as"File" in a given zip file.
  4. Then paste this file in Android > data > com.pubg.imobile > Paste.
  5. After you paste this file now it is done
  6. You can Restart your game and enjoy this Config file.

Video to download and Proof of Config File

Link to Download Bgmi and Pubg 2.1 Magic bullet Config file

Consequently, guys, know you can download the config file provided below in the URL and know you can download this file by patiently waiting for 25sec, and then it's done. We provide that you file so be around this site to get more hacks and changes. Therefore, you obtain this file and enjoy it.
Download Now

Download Link

If you like this article about Pubg and Bgmi 2.1 Magic bullet config file then comment below and if you have any queries then also you can ask in the comment section.

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