Free Fire 5TH Anniversary Event 2022 Leaks, Rewards and Realese Date

Free Fire 5TH Anniversary Event 2022 Leaks, Rewards and Realese Date

Free Fire 5TH Anniversary Event 2022 | Free Fire Anniversary Event Reward And Leaks | Free Fire New Event | Criminal Bundle Return.

Free Fire 5th anniversary

If you're seeking for information regarding the peak day for the Free Fire 5th Anniversary and the confirmed date, you've come to the right place. I'm going to include every scheduled, some verified, and some speculative event for Free Fire's fifth anniversary on this page.
The 5th Anniversary of Free Fire is going to held on 27 August, 2022

Free Fire 5th anniversary date

Some announcements about the fifth anniversary of Free Fire were made on Wednesday. I discovered that Garena Free Fire set the fifth anniversary of Free Fire for August 27, 2022 after doing some research on the subject. This implies that gamers of Free Fire will use Justin Bieber in-game goodies to celebrate the 5th anniversary peak day party on that Saturday. Yes, the Free Fire X Justin Bieber concert date has been set for the event's fifth anniversary. You can read more about the partnership here.

Freefire new rewards

Reward no. 1, A brand new bagpack Skin

Freefire reward no. 2

Free fire reward no. 3

Neon Criminal Bundle

Yes, Guys, you are right in this new update we are going to see a brand new criminal bandal. In this event there are also chances of all criminal bundle so frrefire lovers gonna love this event.

In this Event, there are two new beast characters are coming. The first one will be based on Justin Biber and the second will be based on a girl character.

5th Anniversary collaboration with Justin biber.

"We are thrilled and honoured to work with a global phenomenon like Justin Bieber, whose impact on music and design has surely inspired many people around the world, including our Free Fire community, who expresses their own creativity by competing in style. The 5th anniversary festivities for Free Fire will be the biggest ever, and I am confident that the schedule of events we have prepared will excite our players and fans.

At level 1, J Biebs will grant friends within 6 metres the ability to use EP to block 7 percent of damage. At the highest level, the range is expanded to 12 metres, and the amount of damage that can be prevented is increased to 15%. The player can then use the new character to regain the EP that was taken from the ally.

5th anniversary new girl character


India has outlawed the battle royale game, so residents are recommended to play the MAX version instead.I hope all of u guys like this article and if u guys have any kind of doubt about Garena Freefire max then fill free to comment down below.

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